Organic cotton vs recycled Pet

What is best for ethically-made and sustainable workout wear

We only recommend activewear made from sustainable fabrics, including organic cotton and recycled PET, because these fabrics have minimised environmental impacts when compared with their conventional alternatives, which we think is pretty important.

Organic cotton and recycled PET are quite different fabrics, and it’s important to understand the performance differences of these fabrics, in order to determine what sustainable activewear is best for you.

We’ve worked it out, so you can workout! Here is our quick breakdown of the organic cotton vs recycled PET.

organic cotton

Organic cotton is the sustainable alternative to conventional cotton, cultivated without the nasty chemicals conventional cotton is cultivated with.

Organic cotton is a natural fibre, which means it breathes, keeping us relatively cool and sweat-free. It is generally more light-weight and less compressing than recycled PET.

We choose organic cotton activewear for light to medium workouts and for leisurewear.

recycled pet

Recycled PET is a sustainable alternative to polyester, reclaiming plastic rubbish that might otherwise end up in landfill, and helping to reduce the textile industry’s carbon footprint by reducing emissions.

Recycled PET is a synthetic fibre, which means it’s generally heavier, and more compressing, than organic cotton options.

We choose recycled PET for medium to high impact workouts.


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