Nukleus Organic Wear

We, at Sustainable Clothing, have been big fans of Nukleus and the Nukleus story since reading about the company all the way back in 2012.

In a world dominated by fast fashion, in particularly fast fashion dominated by multi-national brands, by global fashion houses and sustained by the billions spent in mass marketing, it was refreshing to read about a Malyasian fashion house with sustainablility and environmental concerns at is very core.

CW Tan, the founder and CEO of Nukleus organic wear was insistent that his clothing company would do things the right way, the ethical way, and true to his word, he consulted the experts WWF Malysia, in how he should best set up the company’s supply chain and manufacturing process.

In time, Nukleus organic wear became a brand partner with WWF in both Malaysia and Hong Kong, contributing a share of its profits and time, to aiding WWF conservation projects. The partnership benefits both sides equally, and is not only philanthropic but also educational for the brand. WWF advises on sustainability and Nukleus puts this learning into practice and improves its environmental credentials all along the supply chain.

Nukleus products are made from the finest eco-friendly materials: GOTS-certified organic cotton yarn (GOTS – Global Organic Textile Standard) and are manufactured under socially responsible conditions.

See here for more on organic cotton and why it is better for you.

In addition, in keeping with its principles, the company’s core components are certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100 too. This is the world’s highest standard for human ecological safety.

As Tan, has insisted “I have to do what is best for the consumer. I have to address the issue of unsafe chemicals through the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Besides, what is good for humans is generally good for the environment

I love the comfort and fit of Nukleus organic premium cotton underwear and also their bamboo boxers. I have a dozen pairs!

Support ethically-made clothing and check out Nukleus for your self here.


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